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Aquarius, the mythological Visionary and eccentric cannot understand the desire of Taurus, the Lover, for a conventional, stable life. The Aquarius and Taurus blend can work, but only if both partners are head over heels in love. Have a look at an Astromatcha star sign compatibility report for help in figuring out this complex relationship — this is not a simple one! To understand where each sign is coming from, it helps to consider their ruling planets. Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of romance, love, beauty and the good life.

Aquarius has two rulers: Saturn, the planet of austerity , severity, responsibility and restriction, and Uranus, the rebel planet, planet of the unexpected. During arguments, Taurus will push the point further than Aquarius ever thought possible, and Aquarius will infuriate Taurus even further by backing away and refusing to engage. Even their idealisms are different, with Aquarius wanting to save the world and Taurus only interested in protecting their loved ones.

For Aquarius and Taurus, compatibility is possible where both partners genuinely want it, but it will never be quite as comfy as other zodiac sign matches.

Aquarius compatibility: What is the best match for an Aquarius?

That could be a big problem, particularly for Taurus — sign compatibility for the mythological Lover insists on trust, and Taurus simply cannot trust Aquarius not to be weird, eccentric, unpredictable and all the other things which Aquarius certainly is. When this relationship is forced to work, by sheer strength of will of the two partners, Aquarius and Taurus can learn from one another. Aquarius can show Taurus that there is a big, wide world out there, and help to soften some of the Taurean selfishness.

The Taurus partner, in return, offers a practical and emotional rock for Aquarius, whose somewhat zany existence could certainly do with one. However, even when both partners are trying hard, the basic nature of these two signs still causes problems for Aquarius and Taurus compatibility. Taurus is highly possessive and very jealous, but Aquarius values freedom more than almost any other sign — when the Taurus partner tries to get commitment from Aquarius, the Visionary will run, pleading freedom of thought, speech and deed.

This will baffle, hurt and confuse the Lover, not surprisingly.

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Earthy Taurus is shaped by the wind of Aquarius, but can also be caught up on the dust storm that ensues, causing misery all round. For Aquarius and Taurus, compatibility may be fleeting in a romance. The relationship fares much better as a friendship or as a business partnership because neither party then has so much to lose. Taurus sign compatibility is much more flexible if love is not on the line, and Aquarius will get along with anyone on a platonic level. Remember, love astrology is only a general guide , but going by star signs alone, Aquarius and Taurus compatibility is not strong.

Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! He likes my stability and my loyal side, where I enjoy is zany ideas and adventures. No doubt we are very much like our astrology signs, but in the end its the choices you make and how you treat your partner that will make or break your relationship. I am glad that you shared your experience because i have been reading a lot about Taurus and Aquarius incompatibility and negative things since I like an Aquarius guy. However, sometimes I force myself not to lose hope and believe in what they say.

What is meant to happen, it will definitely happen. Beautiful Response. I am married to Taurus, and we get along great!

Worst Matches

Ultimate choices are what we make. We feel no pressure from each other. We naturally love affection and commitment. We both love our freedoms. Mimi, I completely agree. We are the best of friends and have been for over 10 years. I think it really just comes down to what the individuals actually want. I agree with you mimi. Pls how did u make it work? Am taurus female and my fiance is aquarius. Am not finding it easy at all…am giving up but I love him…and I guess he is giving up too..

Well, I can relate to the above given analysis. It stands highly true for me. I am in a relationship with an Aquarius man for the last 2 years. Right when I think that things are getting normal and he starts getting serious, he kind of vanishes — tries to runaway from a commitment, much for his freedom-loving nature.

That leaves me hurt and confused.

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  7. He cares for me and I know he loves me too.. I mean, a girl can tell, right? But, he is certainly not compatible with me, since I want commitment and stability and he wants his freedom!

    Aquarius Love and Relationship Horoscope by The AstroTwins

    I feel extremely attracted to the suave and creative nature of male Taurus but after the initial phase of honeymoon I feel totally suffocated by them to the point that the excessive attention they give me and demand in exchange cause me to not want to come home, so I just drive around town or go sit on the beach because too much physical closeness, and lovey dovey stresses the hell out if me… almost as much as repetitive lineal conversation and rutine. Either way, thumbs up to our astrologer here! This is very true!! I the Aquarian hereby say I secretly enjoy the possessiveness and jealousy that such a loyal lover might possess for me.

    To hell with my eccentric behavior and freedom,,i love loyal lovers. I agree my bf is an taurus nd im a aqurius nd i love that about him.

    Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility

    I am too willing to sacrifice my freedom for a loyal companionship. I also feel really curious about Taurus people in general, as I think I am open enough to make it work with any kind of person if you try and dedicate time and understanding. We both have tried very hard and have learned from each other, I know it.

    Apart from that, Im currently being courted by a Taurus male! I feel very attracted to this possibility.

    Love Horoscope: Aquarius

    This chance to learn more about Taurus people is what excites me the most. Wish me luck! I agree with Mimi and Monali! We both get needy but also like our alone time.

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    I have a boy friend he is Aquarius. Ps can anyone tell me what can I do for that.. Find someone else! Definitely, horoscope is just a general reference.

    Aquarius Compatibilty

    I like these comments. I am a aquarius man. And I have a taurus woman. Like cuddling, when to comfort her, to being histerical around her. Its getting confusing and wierd.