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Here are the twelve Houses, what they stand for, and how the Zodiac sign Libra affects them: Identity - Libra makes you seem trustworthy and reasonable.

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Resources - Libra makes your material situation well balanced. Communication - Libra makes you loyal to your friends, and exemplary in school. Home - Libra makes your home in good order and your family in agreement. Pastime - Libra makes you prefer intellectual pastimes in calm surroundings.

Work - Libra makes you work with decision-making and organizing. Partners - Libra makes you very loyal to your partners, and they trust you completely. Unknown - Libra makes you contemplate the beyond and other life mysteries, and you try to come to terms with them. Travel - Libra makes you plan any change in life, unwilling to take any steps without weighing pro and contra. Career - Libra makes you respected in your social settings, where you usually have significant influence.

Ideals - Libra makes you committed to your ideals, which give room for discussion but not for compromise. Shortcomings - Libra makes it hard for you to find a lasting balance and order in life, and it's not always possible for you to choose according to your conscience.

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Libra in General Of course, all of the above is very general, mainly to give you an idea of how the Libra zodiac sign works in the horoscope and influences its different components. You need to study your complete horoscope chart carefully, to make a deeper and more nuanced interpretation.

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  • Libra - Scales. Illustration from a edition of Poeticon Astronomicon, attributed to Hyginus. Being flexible with others and connecting by sharing ideas will make your friendships and partnerships more fun and valuable. Your sign gets dragged a lot for being two-faced, and to be fair, you switch up your thoughts and opinions so much that you might as well be two different people!

    You just have such a short attention span and live so in-the-moment that your whole personality changes just based on whatever your current attitude and surroundings are. You network like a pro and have tons of acquaintances, but others have difficulty forming solid relationships with you because who you appear to be is so different every day. You may be written off as superficial, especially because you're not the best at remembering plans or delving deeper into a conversation.

    You can build worthwhile connections by living for more than just the moment. Make plans and commit to them—or at least put it in your Google calendar so you can say you tried to remember! At the next party you go to, try to have a longer, one-on-one talk with someone without derailing the conversation with your side stories and jokes every two minutes, or needing to find a bigger group to entertain. Your empathy is through the roof too, and according to the book Spiritual Astrology , this is where your natural intuition and motherly instincts come from. It's also where your famous crabbiness originates, too!

    When you insist on acting on your feelings all the time, you come off as moody.

    You moody bitches. You pesky ol' things astrology horoscope sunsign sun moon moonsign aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces dailyhoroscope instastrology astrologyfacts astrologymemes astrologyreadings retrograde space memes astrology zodiac. Your loving nature is one of your greatest assets, and your ability to take care of people is second-to-none, which is one of the reasons why your sign is so adored! Your sign is represented the Sun.

    Libra in Astrology

    Bright, fiery, and dazzling are all words that are often used to describe you! Your ego is the biggest in the zodiac, and is somehow the most fragile, too! Like the natural performer your sign is known to be, sometimes you play a different role and fabricate personality traits that you think are likable.

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    A healthy dose of realism and consideration boring, I know and letting others have their own moments to shine goes a long way. Being true to yourself and honoring your relationships only strengthens your bonds over time. At your worst, you come off as an obsessive perfectionist who annoyingly fixates on the tiniest details. Usually, you use this attention to detail to improve your workplace or the lives of those closest to you, even if it means skipping out on self-care. You insist on overextending yourself to make everything better—even if no one asked you to.

    Your sharp eye is great for picking out flaws, but when you use it to endlessly criticize someone, it takes a toll on your relationship. Learn to use your critical eye to point out the positives rather than any shortcomings. You make razor-sharp observations and can come up with genius solutions—but people have to actually want your feedback first. Although Gemini has the reputation for being two-faced, your sign is usually guilty of being even more flighty and superficial. You can fit in anywhere with your intrinsic social graces, and people love your wit and manners.

    Growth comes at a cost, and this year it's price is refusing to play it small by rising to the commitments you know are yours to take on. Right now, your commitments lie in all the behind the scenes work you are getting done. Your social obligations are not only impressive and substantive, but incredibly important to show up for—with dedication.

    The career opportunities that come this month put pressure on you to do an impeccable job. You are more than capable of rising to the challenge—but please do so while also being kind to yourself.

    Superhuman feats still get done by your very human self. Libra season sees you going places. Leaping tall buildings in a single bound will be a little more challenging this month than usual, but the mountains you climb will make you appreciate the effort it took to do so. How you share what you share comes under the microscope right now. What is fair comes into question. Be honest about what you want to do for others—and what you need in exchange.

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    The Father of Libra

    Type keyword s to search. Libra season will also bring with it a reality check. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology.