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The 8th and the 11th Lord Mercury retrograde resides in Virgo in the 11th own house. The 9th Lord Moon is placed in the Ascendant debilitated in Scorpio. Lastly, the 10th Lord Sun finds himself in the 11th house in Virgo. Rahu and Kethu occupy respectively the 5th and the 11th houses. Janma Rashi Finder Rashi and Nakshatra Finder The salient points in Narendra Modi's horoscope are: 1.

Mars represents, power, energy, bravery, courage, obstacles, quarrels etc. His horoscope is a case of Ruchaka Yoga which is endows one to become a king. Moon, the lord of the 9th house father, spirituality, religion etc. This also enforces his focus on change for the better always. The horoscope is afflicted too in the form of Kemadruma Yoga which is a malefic Yoga but which also explains his nature of leading a simple life, away from home mostly, not hankering after materialistic pleasures etc.

Two benefics Jupiter retrograde and Venus occupy Kendra quadrant positions and aspecting each other. Venus, a Kendra Lord placed in another Kendra i. The 7th house is empty and is aspected by Mars in association with debilitated Moon and the fact that Venus has the lordship of the 12th house too could explain his separation from his wife.

Horoscope Software 5. Mercury represents brothers and friends who have been helping him throughout. Kethu kicks up disagreements suddenly, so, he has only a few real friends. Sun relates to government, politics etc.

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While Saturn refers to profession, general public etc. Venus also attains Vargottama status being similarly located in Leo in Navamsa chart too. What the future holds for Narendra Modi! Rahul Gandhi Horoscope Since December , he was under the spell of Sukra Venus dasa till almost end of followed by Ravi Sun dasa till end which was a powerful period for him since both of them relate to the 10th Karma house.

Currently, Chandra Moon Dasa is operating in Narendra Modi's horoscope as per Vimshottari Dasa system from mid-July and it will end in June which is the Neechanhanga Raja Yoga period which has elevated to the position of a Prime Minister of India from a small time chai wala tea seller. From June onwards for 7 seven years, his Kuja Mars dasa will start which will show the real power and might of a king.

However, Mars happens to be in debilitation in Cancer in the Navamsa chart which could bring up problems for him.

This placement of Mars is making him brave and give him intensity to take bold decisions. This position gives him the necessary acumen and sharp mind to crack complex problems in life.

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It makes him very competitive, but this position is not good for family and married life. Jupiter is in retrograde mode in 5th house and aspecting Natal Venus and Saturn who are both posited in 11th house. Jupiter's aspect is on Ascendant also. Jupiter is posited in enemy house in Aquarius. It is not a solid position in his chart.

An Astrological Analysis By Anil Kumar Jain “Narendra Modi will lead the nation again”| APN News

However, it cannot be considered to be totally a weakened position. The inherent qualities of Jupiter won't disappear, but these needs to be channelized properly for the person to benefit through organized thinking. This position makes him tactful in nature.


This combination is to a certain extent responsible for him to go in politics. Sun people work for oppressed and down trodden people in the society. Weakness of muscles is also possible. Saturn's position here is not strong due to placement in enemy sign Leo and further more Saturn is combust.

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All is not negative due to this placement. This combination gives the person a greater control of his life and firm discipline in life.

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Success in initial years will come slowly and over a period of time. Such persons are very reliable and they have a deep rooted sense of responsibility instilled within. So over all we can say this placement is not bad as it looks. There it is in conjunction with Sun and Ketu.

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Mercury is exalted ,combust and retrograde here. It's conjunction with Sun and Ketu is not to be seen as a positive factor. As Mercury is also in sign of exaltation here. This placement can make a person extremely intelligent and a very good communicator and orator. The person has a very good analytical power.

Narendra Modi - Horoscope of Prime Minister of India

Such persons are also blessed with keen intuition. On negative side these people set very high standards for themselves and others and some times the goals are not met. They could become overly critical. Rahu and Ketu are posited in 6th and 12th respectively and forming axis, which is perhaps the least of damaging of axis of Rahu and Ketu. Ketu in 12th is very good for Moksha and Sanyas and we can very well observe that Shri Modiji is living a life of a sanyasi , with this life dedicated to the people only and for the country.

Peculiar and some interesting features of his horoscope in light of placement of planets in this Chart: The Ascendant Lord Venus is in conjunction with Saturn Yogkaraka in 11th house, no doubt it is a very auspicious Yoga for Libra Ascendant, however Saturn has lost it's strength due to being combust.

Apart from this, 3rd and 6th houses Lord Jupiter is posited in 5th and from there it is giving it's aspect on Ascendant and on Venus and Saturn which are placed in 11th house. Mercury's position has become weak due to being combusted. Shri Narendra Modi had to undergo a lot of struggle in this life. It is a testimony to Shri Narendra Modi inner strength that he overcome such adversities in his life and become the Prime Minister of India. In order to accomplish success in Politics, position and strength of 3rd and 6th houses is very important. In political field, a good politician has to overcome his opponents to score points and to get victory over the opponents.

In Shri Narendra Modi's chart , the 3rd and 6th Lord Jupiter is placed in a good house and even though it is placed in Aquarius Sign the inherent good qualities of Jupiter remain in the Chart. Yog karak Saturn and benefic Venus both of them are giving their auspicious aspect on Jupiter , resulting in a strong and result giving Jupiter in the chart.

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Rahu is posited in 6th house, which is a favorable placement for Rahu for being victorious over the enemies. Mercury and Sun are giving their aspect on 6th house in addition.

Importance of Rising Sign degree in Astrology (Narendra Modi Horoscope)

We already discussed that Saturn and Mercury both are combust and are weak, but overall inherent nature of both these planets remain same as they are positive for Libra Ascendant , they are continue to give their auspicious aura to Jupiter and 6th house. So in nutshell strength of 3rd and 6th houses and Noble Jupiter helped Narendra Modi to achieve victories over his political opponents in his political career. In his Horoscope 2nd house family house is occupied by Mars and debilitated Moon which is 10th Lord.