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Mr Kelly had claimed his lights were working when he got into his vehicle that day and that while side reflective markings were dirty, they were visible. Sunday Newspapers, publisher of the 'Sunday World', denied defamation and said the words in the article were true. Mr Kelly had been acquitted in in Waterford Circuit Court of dangerous driving causing death, but convicted of failing to have a road worthiness certificate for his vehicle and of not having a proper under running bar on the truck to prevent cars going underneath it.

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Mr Kelly claimed the newspaper article, which included comments from Liam Norris about him Kelly having shown no sympathy over Graham's death, meant he had misled the jury in the criminal trial and meant he was a callous person. The jury decided the article meant Mr Kelly was a callous person, indifferent to the loss of the Norris family. It found the paper had not proved he was a callous person and indifferent and had not proved he misled the Waterford jury.

It found his reputation had been damaged and also said the words in it were not fair comment on a matter of public interest. Eoin McCullough SC, for Sunday Newspapers, asked for a stay on the award and on costs while his side considered an appeal.

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Declan Doyle SC, for Mr Kelly, said such a stay should be on condition of a payout of part of the award having regard to the findings of fact by the jury on complex issues. Shane Phelan The Government has agreed to nominate seven new judges to the Court of Appeal — less than a week after being sharply criticised by the Chief Justice for failing to fill vacancies. Photo: Collins Courts. Tim Healy February 17 AM. Two men go on trial charged over 'meticulously-planned killing' of dissident republican Peter Businessman Jim Mansfield Jnr charged with conspiring to falsely imprison a man and But we'll also uncover much that's worth the risk!

Today's Horoscope. Thought for the day Tuesday 8 October In response to the Sun's link with Saturn, we talked about self-nurture yesterday. And before Pac-Man, there was snooker! Humans, it seems, have an intrinsic impulse to spless days shooting at targets and developing skills that don't translate to any other walks of life.

You're currently being encouraged to reconsider and re-evaluate some of your favourite pastimes. Are they timewasters? Or is that just someone else's opinion? By all means take their criticisms on board, but don't let them bring you down.

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It's okay to relax too! If you found this forecast helpful, imagine how much more I can tell you with more information from you. With your full birth details I can tell with surprising accuracy, what's likely to happen in your life going forward and I can reveal to you so much about why you are, the way you are. Treat yourself. Download your personal chart now! Taurus Back to top Daily Forecast 'One drop of rain on your window pane doesn't mean to say there is a thunderstorm coming. The whirlwind of emotions, and the unsettling situations you've been dealing with, are slowing down to a much more manageable level.

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  7. You might understandably feel as if the changes have affected many different aspects of your life. Yet it seems that just one simple significant part has been recalibrated. Things will be calmer and better now. Gemini Back to top Daily Forecast There's always a day after tomorrow; which is why 'tomorrow' never comes. We rarely wake up to find ourselves living in an entirely new world; it's with the passage of time that we notice that things have irrevocably changed.

    The cosmos is asking you to think about where you'd like to be by the end of the year. Yet you'd much rather focus on the problems you've got to deal with today. Don't be tempted to overlook an unusual opportunity to influence your future. Today can take care of itself. Cancer Back to top Daily Forecast New Age gurus often say how the universe has our best interests at heart; that it exists to support us.

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    Yet how can they speak with such confidence? Surely it's impossible for all those stars, which stretch out into space, to exist purely for our benefit? For you and for me? What about all the other souls who live here? Not to mention all the many different, complicated scenarios that we all find ourselves having to deal with? Don't worry about the logistics of all that today. Just trust that it does! Leo Back to top Daily Forecast Some people enjoy being miserable.

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    They're mistrustful when things seem to be going well, and worry when they haven't got anything to worry about. When everyone seems to agree, they suspect a conspiracy. Of course, this isn't your way of approaching life.

    You're an optimistic Leo Yet, if you come across someone who is grumpier than normal today, show them some of your warmth. Even if they don't show gratitude, they'll feel it.

    Virgo Back to top Daily Forecast Anyone who has studied the characteristics of your sun sign understands something important about Virgoans. You dislike being 'persuaded' to do things.