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Legsaid that such people should be sent to islature this past week. The House Finance Siberia where they would freeze and die. Committee is recommending draconian After this story went public, Rep. The refused to apologize.

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He also refused to resign. This stay open. In Coos County, community week he was pushed on to his sword, and health centers are the source of health resigned from the house, after the story care for many people. More people will go went viral. He points out that was doing, he looked at the other people the costs will be shifted to those businesses around him to see how to vote. How is it that are struggling to keep offering insurthat a confused, nearly deaf, year-old ance to their employees. In a state with man was elected to the Legislature? For those worsentative Eugenics, so the answer is clear.

Neal Kurk a man who rubs his hands That the N. Prior to this event, the New needy people to turn to their towns for Hampshire Legislature was merely the financial assistance. He realizes that cutlaughingstock of the state and the nation. He wants to make sure as the N. Legislature global. Nice work, the safety net is completely removed.

At the same time, the House voted to It seems that Rep. Earincrease the death penalty. As soon as the bill was introduced, he called for a vote. State Rep. This seems a curious choice technique to rid the state of illegal immiin a time of draconian budget cuts. These grants.

As Harty and lions to kill one person than spend a dime Peck illustrate so well — when the mask to save the lives of many. Susan Bruce is a local freelance writer. It is important for people to understand the history of special education in the United States. The right to a free and appropriate education for children with disabilities was enacted into law in as the Education for All Handicapped Children Act PL Prior to many children with disabilities were not allowed into public schools, and were often sent away from their families to live in horrific state institutions.

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During the decades that followed, there has been friction between local communities, states and the federal government over the responsibility for funding the requirements under the law. When IDEA was first established, the federal government promised to fund 40 percent of the costs of providing Special Ed services. However, that promise was never realized and special education became a severely under-funded mandate which often places a heavy financial burden on local school districts.

There was a lot of negative discussion at the Conway Budget Committee meetings this past year concerning special education, including suggestions to refuse to fund services for children with intensive special needs.

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Such irresponsible recommendations are inappropriate for a town budget committee to make to a school board. Advocating for adequate funding for special education is done on a state and federal level, not by. Aside from misunderstanding the implications of breaking the law, there is something much more alarming and frightening about the comments Mr. Shakir has made, and that is his serious lack of compassion and humanity. Communities need to come together and stand up to bullies like Mr. Richard Laracy, stood up to the bully. In a respectful, calm manner he asked Mr.

Shakir about his statements that are part of the public record of the budget committee. Shakir let his true colors shine as he unleashed his hateful diatribe on parents, children, and everyone in attendance. Laracy, obviously upset at what he was hearing, strongly and passionately told Mr. Shakir that his statements were illegal, immoral and called for his resignation. I would like to thank Dr. Laracy for stepping up to the plate and advocating for the children of our community. Whether the cause was ignorance or indifference, it was not acceptable.

Yet, there is always more to be done. As long as we never forget that every life is a miracle and each person has something to contribute, we will finish the job. Bush, In response to Mr. Syndi White Conway. We welcome your ideas and opinions on all topics and consider every signed letter for publication. Limit letters to words and include your address. Please provide a phone number for verification purposes. Limit thank you letters to words. Longer letters will only be published as space allows and may be edited.

Anonymous letters, letters without full names and generic letters will not be published. Box , North Conway, NH To print longer thank yous, contact the front office at For a certain segment of the population, the memory of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR and its vast communist, dictatorial gulag and state security apparatus is still fresh. A much milder form of this bending of dictionary definitions to suit political purposes can be seen in many societies, including our own. Further, we are actually witnessing a practical application of many of the propaganda tricks and tools so skillfully used in the past by far more sinister regimes.

Quite simply that in a nation the United States that is educationally below average and educationally lagging in the industrialized world, the State of New Hampshire schools are way below that already abysmal level in math, science and writing and our local high school is below even that level in some areas. Even simpler, Kennett-educated students score at or lower than their low-scoring New Hampshire counterparts who score lower than the already low-scoring students in the United.

Enter Mr. When televised, the Soviet Politburo was always seen as a hall filled with unanimous applause for whatever was being promulgated by the leadership. No dissent was apparent, befitting a rubber stamp outfit. One need only look at the mob rule on display last week at the deliberative meeting to see how sadly true this all is.

I would submit that continuation of ANYTHING that currently exists educationally in this community guarantees more belowaverage results in a below-average state in a below-average country. Even being number one academically in New Hampshire is meaningless given where New Hampshire and the United States stand in the world.

But maybe a C minus school in a C minus state in a C minus country is good enough Dan Morgenstern is a heart surgeon and lives in Conway. The therapeutic view, due to the affluence brought about by 50 years of American prosperity, has largely triumphed over the realist view, which is now regarded as the domain of the embittered and the mean-spirited. One important facet of the therapeutic mindset is the belief that the perception of need is what matters, and that all else must be adjusted to meet that perception. If reality does not match the dream, someone must make it go away. How does this apply to the Conway School Budget debate?

The Conway School Board and the municipal budget committee both have fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers, as specified by N. In the current budget cycle, the Municipal Budget Committee requested in writing that the Conway School Board consider a truly level funded budget and also examine the possibility of a 5 percent reduction. This November request never received the courtesy of a response. In the later category, privatization of student bus transportation could result in immediate significant savings, as the cost of buses, repairs, insurance, fuel and driver retirement payments would be rolled into the contract.

Another example of a possible reduction came from Kevin Richards, who has been quoted as saying that the number of teacher teams at Kennett Middle School could be reduced when the student population of the middle school fell below students.

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There are many other changes that could be implemented that would begin the process of cost containment, without significant impact on the essential and important tasks of the schools. As the student population falls, and the costs of repair of our aging schools continues to increase, consolidation of our elementary school population and infrastructure warrants implementation. While it will be a difficult task to sell politically, forward looking and effective leadership in the school district and the board can make this happen. Is the current leadership team up to the task?

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  • The bottom line — the Conway School District cannot afford another decade of 7. I have not even discussed what will happen to the local costs of the school district if federal funds and state funds are substantially reduced, while their mandates remain in force, for neither the state or the federal government will easily relinquish control once assumed. Being the realist cynic that I am, I believe that the state will push even more of the costs of their mandates to the towns, as the towns are administrative units of the state.

    These reductions will affect everyone, seniors, the generation coming into adulthood today, and their children. We can sit here collectively fat, dumb and happy, in a therapeutic state of mind, engaged in class warfare, or we can start the process of fixing the problem, and that process starts in our community. James R. LeFebvre North Conway. Our families appreciate the time and interest you have given to Lori and her family. While our family appreciates your continued support, we must always remember and never lose sight of the commitment and sacrifice our mili-.

    For all our families, George Howard Jackson. The main events were fights over spending increases and employee raises. The action started when resident David Giampietro went after selectmen.

    He said the board was proposing to increase spending by Giampietro charged that various lines in the general administration budget article 20 were up by double-digit percentages. Heating and electrical costs doubled. We have some of the highest taxes in all of Carroll County. I know the school is the big part of that, but these also contribute. Selectman Bob Abraham addressed Giampietro's concerns about town expenses.

    The reason is they need to bring the town office into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Also health insurance is going up 16 percent.